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There are several risk factors for developing nail fungus: tight shoes; damaged nails; walking barefoot in moist areas like swimming pools, saunas, and public. Your nails may feel sensitive if you're on your feet a lot, or your shoes are too small, but pain that comes from under the nail bed is likely from a fungal. Toenail fungus, or onychomycosis, is an infection underneath the surface of the nail caused by fungi. When the tiny organisms take hold, the nail often.

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Symptoms and causes Fungal nail infections usually affect your toenails. You can get them on your fingernails too. They often then spread to the middle. The. Because a nail infected with a fungus is compromised, it can also break or split easily. As the condition progresses, itchiness and pain can occur, and the nail. Candida Onychomycosis: This type of toenail fungus is caused by yeast (Candida). Though less common in the nails, this is the most common type of fungal.

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What is toenail fungus? Fungal infection, or onychomycosis, is a common foot health problem. A majority of sufferers don't seek treatment, perhaps because. An ill-advised barefoot romp around the pool deck or even a pedicure gone wrong may be all the fungi need to gain access to the space underneath a toenail. Fungal nail infections can develop on the nail from various organisms such as molds, yeasts, and fungi. This usually occurs after these organisms come into.