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Dam volumes, rainfall and water use data is updated every working day, streamflow is updated weekly. Perth monthly rainfall totals. Year, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr. Statewide Maps - Precipitation Water Year to Date (% of Normal). These maps are produced in partnership with the NRCS. Data are compiled by the Montana Snow. Year-to-Date Historical Rainfall May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December. Start month will be January of the year selected.

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Santa Cruz County, Tucson, Upper Gila, Upper San Pedro (Sierra Vista), Yavapai. Report Range: Single day. Report for date. Date range. Monthly totals. For daily rainfall totals for this fiscal year to date, please refer to Rainfall & Reservoir Data - Current Fiscal Year. Current rainfall ( inches) is. Daily rainfall amounts are recorded as of 8am for the previous 24 hours. *Each Water Year (WY) runs from Sept 1 through Aug 31 and is designated by the.

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* Rain Season runs July 1 - June 30 annually. Season Rain Total. Season, Rain Total. - , ". - , ". CALIFORNIA RAINFALL SEASON TOTALS TO DATE NORMALS TO DATE PERCENTAGE OF NORMAL TO DATE. How much precipitation each state in the US gets on average in a year is you to visually compare the annual average precipitation totals among states.